Renovation of our New Global Headquarters

ICD has been working tirelessly for over 20 years through various facilities, donated office spaces and recreational buildings. Through the driven will of the ICD group staff, they have operated throughout the Metro Detroit area partnering with local churches and schools
successsfully reaching thousands of young people annually in what Forbes magazine considers “the Most Dangerous City in the United States.”

NOW is the time to have our own operating facility which will evolve our purpose and our mission into a whole new level. Our efforts have seen remarkable progress over the years through youth empowerment, participation and capacity building, taking this opportunity we have before us with our own facility catapults us into a full service mission to not only provide programs, but to add a safe, secure facility to house at-risk and homeless youth and young adults.


The remodeling effort of this facility is massive! The building we are purchasing was dramatically vandalized and is in need of HVAC units, full plumbing and electrical repair, drywall, flooring and carpet. In addition to the cosmetics, new and refurbished cafeteria equipment for the dining facility.

HVAC: $200,000.00
Plumbing: $150,000.00
Electrical: $175,000.00
Interior: $100,000.00

31720 Van Born Rd.
Wayne, MI 48184
114,000 Sq. Ft.
Occupancy: 300
Full Cafeteria
Business Center
Development Center

ART WILSON has been serving as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The International Community Development Group, Inc. for 26 years. His 15 years of service on global missions have included work in South Korea, China, India, Nepal, West Africa, Honduras, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Spain. He has held responsibilities for a variety of portfolios including serving as Ambassador for North American Multicultural Ministries, State Advocate for Community Crisis through the Michigan State Police Department, Leadership Regional Director for Public Schools, and has held a seat on the Board of Directors of the World Natural Health Organization.

BORN in Flint MI, he studied Business Management and Theology in 1990. He continued his graduate work receiving a Doctorate degree of Christian Philosophy and Education from the Institute for Christian Works College and Seminary, as well as an Honorary Doctorate recognition from Southern Eastern University in 2008.