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He has sought to be a bridge-builder in developing partnerships in order to deliver the world’s poorest and marginalized people from despair.

REV. WILSON has made it his priority to work with world leaders and stakeholders around a set of new global challenges such as ecomomic upheaval, promoting tolerance, fostering peaceful inclusive societies, and taking action towards a more sustainable world. He has also sought to strengthen humanitarian response and emergency relief projects in the aftermath of mega-disasters in Nepal (2015) and India (2011), as well as mobilizing support for the democratic transitions in Africa and in the Middle East.

DUE TO THE EFFORTS and passion of the ICD, there is a unique opportunity to have a global impact on our world. With Rev. Wilson becoming a Goodwill Ambassador, this gives ICD an opportunity to not just aid Metro Detroit, but involve itself in programs all over the world. The ICD desires to assist in global immigration issues and resettlement efforts helping with relocation assistance, housing, and english as a second language programs to immigrants.


GLOBAL PARTNERSHIPS for Sustainable Development to support global missions on a global level is one of Rev. Wilson’s major initiatives. He has worked extensively in diplomatic efforts. The initiative has helped put the issue at the forefront of the global agenda since 2005 with government authorities, members of civil society, development institutions, along with religious and public sector
leaders. Subsequent efforts to focus on the world’s poverty targets and the most vulnerable people, have generated thousands of dollars in pledges, with a special emphasis on a new Global Strategy on Community Development, Social Stability as well as Women and Children.

AT THE HEIGHT of the food crisis in 2008, Rev. Wilson appealed to the partners to finance programs in the United States, which have continued to date, through the “Homeless Rescue Mission Project” as well as for the developing countries around the globe. He took steps to guide the international response to protect the vulnerable and the poor.


SUPPORTING COUNTRIES facing crisis and/or instability is another effort Rev. Wilson has worked on with the desire to strengthen peace efforts, through knowledge and mutual understanding, and more recently through the Secretary-Generals’ initiative of promoting tolerance and countering violent extremism. Mediation support along with good offices have been set up to help prevent, mange and resolve tensions, conflicts and crisis. In this regard, he has worked for over 15 years on community development issues through his affiliates in Iran and more recently on neutral territories and initiatives between Israel and Palestine.